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P got good news from his company a few weeks ago.  He got a promotion.  This indeed has great meaning to him.  As one ascends along the hierarchy, it becomes extremely difficult to go further up when one is closer to the tip.  The path becomes v narrow.  We give thanks to God.  P is a v hardworking and devoted member in his company.  And I feel that I have sacrificed a lot in order to let him work with less domestic worries.  ^^

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Among the books Junie and I read together in the summer holidays, there are two books that touched my heart.  The theme of the books is war and occupation.  Both books are from the the perspective of the civilians who are trying hard to live through the days of occupation-their homelands being occupied.

I am thankful that we are living in peace and safety.  May God look after the people who are suffering from wars….