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Merry Xmas!

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Room Purpose Changed

In April, two of my family members passed away…  My father-in-law and my (maternal) grandfather.  Both were very unexpected.

I wanted to give utmost care and support to my mum and so I asked her to stay with us.

This was how the room looked like…


I added a small bed to the room, cleared some of the storage space and created space for hanging clothes behind the door.  It might not be the most comfortable guest room but I hope it was the best support for my mum.  

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New Desk Lamp

P strongly recommended this desk lamp.  He has been using it at the office and he feels that the light it gives out is very comfortable. ^^’

We tried to ignore him but he bought it nevertheless for J.  And…

I have to admit that the light it gives out is really different and comfortable.  :p