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Travel Album – Taipei in Aug

Please check the Travel page or below.  I have uploaded snapshots from our short trip to Taipei during the summer holidays.

201410 - Taipei Collage 01


201408 - Taipei Collage 02

201408 - Taipei Collage 03

201408 Taiwan Collage 04

201408 Taipei and other trips

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Collating Photos

….  when I am unhappy, two activities will usually cheer me up… Shopping and tidying things up.  There is not much shopping to do here and so I decided to clear things up.  Since I have not organised the photos we took when Ila was here, they had become my targets for reorganisation.  I made a photo album a bit different from the ones I made before.  So here they are!

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Best Journal Writer

J is one of the two best journal writers in the class! The teacher read out her work to the class. She said Js writing was interesting, encouraging school friends to look at things in a fun way.

Junie calls her journal the Telephone Journal… God knows why…