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Not Feeling Well

One of my ears is clogged. It doesn’t cause any pain but the unbalanced hearing ability made me dizzy. So I decided to see to the doctor, for the first time in Singapore. The clinic I visited was v luxurious (I believe its target patients are expats as it is called the international clinic). Great facilities. Detailed registration procedures. Dispensary filled w the latest medicine. Yet, they failed to identify the cause of my clogged ear. Frankly speaking, I was not surprised. This exactly coincides with my experiences after having been here for a year – you are in a city with everything… But somehow, you can never find what you want.

I left the clinic after paying a fee of SGD183 (USD147 ) in exchange of an unsolved health problem and a bag full of expensive medicine.

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Japanese Grocery


When I was in Hong Kong, I used to use a salad dressing from Japan.  It was very yummy and it was not fattening.  Unfortunately I cannot find it here.  Heard that there was a Japanese grocery shop in this new shopping mall and so off we went to try our luck.  Lots of Japanese stuff but no trace of my salad dressing!