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My friend is back from a vacation in Tokyo.  She passed me a gift and told me that it was J.  This gesture of hers warmed my heart.  It means that she remembered my kid when she was away from home.  In order to show my gratitude to the love and care from others, I always send pictures of J with the gift or ask J to write thank you notes to these lovely aunties and uncles.  

This is the lovely gift she brought back from Tokyo.  J has long grown out of princess goodies.  But it doesn’t bother us a bit!  It’s the love that the gift delivers that matters.  


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Dinner with Keith and Amy

IMG_5491 They came to our hotel lobby.  Since we were staying at Shinjuku, we were having a lot of choices of restaurants.  Depsite the fact, we should have made a better choice.  The restaurant we chose (later I gathered) was a 居酒屋.  So, customers were in pretty high spirits, talking loudly.  Food served was mostly light food.  But it is always good to meet friends.  They gave us some tips on touring in Tokyo since it was their 4th day there.